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Comments from our customers

Comments taken from Customer Response Cards or Online Product Registration forms.

Very nice product, very reliable nice looking as well and affordable. Thank-you”
By: Marsha B. From: Niagara falls

Love it! The handle forms right into my hand. The shock absorbing tip really works well. I tried using a normal round handled cane many other times, it would shoot pain up my arm into shoulder blades and back. I guess ergonomic handle also reduces impact shock, I was getting from the old rounded canes. Thank-you so much.(The old type should be taken off the market) love it, love the colour.”
By: Donna H. From: Harrow

Excellent bout time someone came up with a good design for a cane”
By: carolyn F. From: innisfail

I love your canes I own 4 already and want more in other colours please. I feel more stable with your hugo canes than other ones I have previously owned.”
By: Michelle L. From: Coquitlam

This cane had the most comfortable handle.”
By: Isobel M. From: Victoria

My friend has one and yesterday I tried it and it worked really well so I bought one today. I have cancer of the bone and my legs are quite weak. I use my walker in the house but when I go out I use 2 canes, it’s a lot easier for me to walk.”
By: J. A. From: St George, NB

Very comfortable handle. I like the wide heavy tip for balance. The tie is a nice amenity. Very satisfied.”
By: R. H. From: Nanaimo, BC

This is an easy cane to walk with. I’m wearing a full leg brace on my right leg. The handle is soft, feels ergo and is very lightweight I’m a happy walker now.”
By: D. M. From: Edmonton, AB

Very well made, reliable.”
By: J. H. From: Sidney, BC

A very nice cane. Strong and sturdy. My old cane hurt my hand. I love your molded (wider) handle. It’s very comfortable, and easy to adjust for height.”
By: W. N. From: Durham Bridge, NB

Quite a good cane. Classy looking”
By: Betty H. From: Virden

good, comfortable grip”
By: William H. From: Fort St James

Strong Cane “
By: Zenon B. From: Prince Albert

comfortable handle for one who really hits it with heel of hand to assist walking, not just for balance. nice color choices.”
By: Jill J. From: Dayton

The cane gives me great assistance in daily walking until I recover from my surgery. The rubber grips keep it securely on the surface and allows me to have good posture while walking. It’s great!”
By: Wonda E. J. From: Tiverton Digby Co

Product seems sturdy and strong and provides a high level of confidence when in use, and it also doesn’t hurt that it looks good too.”
By: John M. From: New Victoria