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Hugo® Elite Rollator

Hugo® Elite Rollator

Comments from our customers

Comments taken from Customer Response Cards or Online Product Registration forms.

A Joy to own and most accommodating. Good looking and most effecient.
By: A. H. From: Kingston, ON

wonderful be able to use this walker inside as well as outside because of the large wheels. makes everything so much easier. i also like the idea that it folds for easy transportation.
By: A. P. From: Thetford -Mines, QC

it is am improvement compare to my old one which i bought used. my new hugo has bigger wheels, seat storage bag.
By: A. M. From: Mascouche, QC

I am very happy with my Hugo walker. Makes me feel secure and able to do good walking outside as well as inside.
By: M.-A. G. From: Victoriaville, QC

Very well made product. Nice to have all the holding compartments as they’re convenient to take things on a walk.
By: A. L. From: North Vancouver, BC

Sturdy, durable, protective for artificial hips and walking. Gives a little more security. Thank you.
By: G. D. From: Calgary, AB

I find it very easy to use & the shopping bag most useful & of course the price very affordable.
By: S. G. From: Toronto, ON

I feel I will get out walking more with my Hugo. Previously I felt unsure of getting too far & not being able to get back.
By: A. B. From: Chilliwack, BC

What a difference in my mobility! I love my walker : ) Hugo’s are the BEST!!
By: C. N. From: Barrie, ON

Excellent package, Packing material, even plugs for tube ends. So easy to read instructions & diagrams, best yet seen on any product !! Impressed with sturdiness, quality of frame, and total pack! So easy to walk with.
By: B. C. From: Southhampton, ON

This product beats all competitors… similar products being sold at stores that sell only medical aids don’t even come close as far as price and design features. This is a very good product for the price.
By: J. W. M. From: Brossard, QC

Occupational therapist suggested I get one. Choice of Hugo was based on my preference.
By: A. O. From: Winnipeg, MB

I love my Hugo. It’s like getting rid of an old Ford & buying a Cadillac. I walk a lot more & at least I can stop and rest.
By: A. N.-N. From: Montreal, QC

I’m delighted with my Hugo. The padded seat with a curved padded back rest and handy folding strap in the accessory storage space are such an improvement over the 4 wheel walker. I used it at the rehab hospital, and the large wheels are an added blessing.
By: M. C. From: New Westminster, BC

I find my walker helps me walk without a sore back and legs. I find it a wonderfull walker to have by everyone. Helps us older people to get around now.
By: K. R. From: Fort Frances, ON

It’s just wonderful. Gives me total secure freedom & balance. I just love it! Also, I love all the storage compartments. It is great because it enables me to walk with correct posture.
By: P. Y. From: Thompson, MB

This is a wonderful product. Numerous people at the nursing home are going out to purchase.
By: J. B. From: Toronto, ON

Love it, my first try at a walker. Gives me freedom I had missed for years. Thank you.
By: A. C. From: Calgary, AB

This is not only my first time using a Hugo Elite, but also using this style of walker. I absolutely love it ! It is the proper height and I love the larger wheels. I’m looking forward to using this walker for a long time.
By: J. G. From: Scarborough, ON

It is an improvement compared to my old one which I bought used. My new Hugo has bigger wheels and a seat storage bag. I had an original Hugo. I bought another Hugo today for my car. I use the old one in my basement and the new one for my main floor so I do not need a cane.
By: A. P. From: Cambridge, ON

It’s been a great help to me as I walk faster, longer and better. Easily assembled light weight very glad I own one.
By: R. F. D. From: Ste. Thérèse, QC

Impressed by the packing. All parts safely packed. Parts are well displayed, easy to assemble. I am a proud owner.
By: H. S. From: Edmonton, AB

Excellent machine! Lightweight design, overall excellent design engineering and easy to assemble with a super color. Item is to assist (help) a handicap person. Good Job!
By: E. L. From: Laval, QC

These walkers are great. I could not go anywhere without mine. It helps me to walk and I’m very grateful for that. I know many folks who have one.
By: J. D. From: Coquitlam, BC